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My Name is Chris Kilkenny, I am 21 years old and I reside in bonnie Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, my room at Edinburgh castle is under refurbishment so for the last 21 years I have lived and been brought up in Wester Hailes, a poverty ravished council estate on the outskirts of one of the most artistically and architecturally beautiful cities in the world.

Unlike some of the distinguished keynote speakers and educational celebrities whom I admire and am inspired by, I do not have decades of degrees and Educational work experience, what I do bring to the table is 4 failed school placements, a first-hand experience of being in the education system and living in poverty. I spent a large amount of my childhood in care and have lived in rehab twice but never been an addict luckily there is a small documentary that was made by the bbc whilst I lived there that will show you in what capacity I lived there it’s called chris’s story. I also love and have always loved Education and learning but I left school with no qualifications.

By way of re-visiting my memories and feelings and looking back on my time in Education objectively, alongside others I have identified some of the key elements that could be added to teacher practice that could improve the lives of young people currently living in poverty and coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. I also feel that what I have to say Is relevant right across the board from support staff to policy level.

To use an analogy to summarise I would describe myself as being like the black box on an aircraft that has crashed, I filled with useful information gathered during that crash to prevent further failures by adapting the future builds and flight paths.
Have a look at my feedback section for an impartial review on my work and philosophies.

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  • Thank you so much Chris Kilkenny for your fantastic talk this morning. So honest and really needed. What an amazing role model for your wee boy!

    What an amazing role model

    Hi Chris, I was at Dalmilling primary today & I just want to say that your talk was amazing! For me, it reaffirmed the role of staff within schools for children & young people. Thank you for sharing your story, what an amazing inspiration you are!

    Your talk was amazing!

  • Really enjoyed your session yesterday morning Chris – so important to reflect on practice and best possible support for all our young people. Really made me think about some current young people, as well as peers from my own childhood.

    Really made me think

    Thank you for the amazing and motivational talk yesterday. I was humbled to hear your story you highlighted the crucial ways in which we can identify and help children in need. Please keep up the good work and best of luck to you and your family x

    Amazing and motivational talk

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